My Office Tax & Business Service

Wecome to My Office Tax & Business Service, a veteran owned, client-focused company that is committed to excellence without exception.

Fred Williams, CPA

As the owner of My Office Tax & Business Service, Fred Williams, CPA, MBA, Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army (retired) founded My Office Tax & Business Service in 2001. Mr. Fred has owned and operated several businesses both franchises and independent entities in the past thus giving him the type of small business experience so vital in the field of accounting.

What we do

My Office Tax & Business Service provides a variety of financial related services and consultations.

Small Business Consultant

Completion of Maryland state charter for LLC, corporation or partnership, procuring federal tax ID number (EIN) and central registration with the state.


Setup of entities in the QuickBooks software and providing monthly, quarterly, annually, or other periodic financial statements.

Tax Preparation

Personal and business income tax preparation and filing for years 2005 through 2019 federal and all states, sales and use tax for businesses, business personal property tax return, form 990 and 990EZ for tax exempt entities.

Minority & Women Owned Business Certification

Completion of the application process for qualified businesses to obtain MBE or Women Owned Business status.

Tax Exempt

Completion of the application process for nonprofit entities to obtain tax exempt status under paragrph 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Get in touch

In you need to get in touch with us, please send an email to or call (410) 426-1644. We will respond promptly.